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Pitbull Dog Attack: How Can You Protect Yourself And Family?

Many people worry about Pitbull dog attacks, especially pet parents and those engaged in animal care. Pitbulls are adorable pets, but their exceptional aggression and agility sometimes make them deadly if they feel any threats.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that between 2005 and 2019, 66% of dog bite-related fatalities in the US were caused by pit bulls. That figure makes them potentially lethal rather than simply harmful.

Here, we will look at the Pitbull attacks, what to do if you or your family are attacked, and how to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Understanding the Frequency of Pitbull Dog Attacks

Despite their serious nature, Pitbull attacks are not as frequent as people may deem about it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pitbulls account for a great share of fatal dog attacks in the US. However, these events are reported exaggeratedly compared to the actual pitbull attack incidents.

The Media sensation has dramatically contributed to the notion that Pitbull dog attacks occur more than they actually do. News outlets prefer to focus on these tales, resulting in a wrong impression of the breed. In reality, most Pitbulls are obedient pets that pose no threat to humans.

These days, there are various incidents that we have heard about, such as a family mauled by dogs or a vet mauled by dog. So, to avoid all this, your dog must be well-tamed and adequately trained before taking it to public. 

Apart from all this, you must ensure that your pet reacts lovingly to strangers; it will help when treating your dog at a veterinarian clinic.

Recognizing the Signs of Aggression in Pitbulls

As a dog owner or someone who works with animals, it’s essential to know the signs of aggression in Pitbulls. These may include:

  • Raised hairs
  • Stiff body posture
  • Baring teeth 
  • Growling or snarling
  • Lunging or snapping

If you see a Pitbull showing these signs, avoid approaching the dog and give it room. If you try to calm the dog or establish your authority, things might get out of control.

Learn how you can prevent a Pitbull dog attack and save yourself & your loved ones. This blog offers essential tips to stay safe from a potential dog encounter.

What to Do If a Pitbull Attacks You or Your Family

If a Pitbull dog attacks you or a family member, acting quickly and decisively is crucial. 

Here are some steps you can take to defend yourself and minimize the risk of injury:

Stay Calm 

Dogs can feel fear, so being calm is crucial to prevent the situation from escalating. Calmness upon seeing the dog is considered the best defense against a pit bull attack. 

Shield oneself

If possible, use a shield, such as a jacket or a backpack, to act as a barrier between yourself and the dog, reducing the danger of a bite.

Avoid sudden movement

Dogs may respond negatively to quick movements. So, it is best to keep yourself as motionless as possible to avoid agitating the dog further.

Seek refuge

To avoid an attack, seek cover in a safe spot, such as a building or car, where the dog cannot see you.

Distract the dog

If the dog is biting you, try to make it lose its hold by poking it in the eyes or nose. This will hurt the dog and make it break its grip.

Call for assistance

Ask for help or ask someone in the area to do so if you are not in the condition. Make loud sounds or hurl items at the dog to distract it if it attacks someone else.

Seek medical care

It’s critical to get medical help as soon as possible after safety has been confirmed. Severe injuries from dog bites can occur, and prompt medical attention is essential to the healing process.

Preventing Pitbull Dog Attack

While it’s impossible to predict and prevent dog attacks, you can take steps to reduce the risk. These include:

Proper training

Make sure your Pitbull receives proper training and socialization from an early age. This can help avoid aggressive behavior.

Responsible ownership

When out in public, always wear a leash, and never leave your pit bull alone with kids or other animals. It is the best defense against a Pitbull attack, as great ownership ensures less threat to the public and individuals.  

Educate others

If you frequently work with pit bulls or other animals, teach people about the warning signs of aggressiveness and safe handling techniques for these canines.

Other tips to take when faced with a pit bull or another dog from Positively

  1. Avoid eye contact
  2. Turn your body slowly to the side
  3. Cross your arms
  4. Completely ignore the dog
  5. Be still for a short period, then move slowly away
  6. Try to get to a place with a barrier between you and the dog


Pitbull dog attack is a concerning issue these days. However, with the proper training and guidance, you can defend yourself and your family from their aggression. 

Remember to stay calm, protect yourself, and seek help quickly if you or someone you know is attacked. By taking these steps, you can reduce the injury risks and ensure the safety of animals and humans.

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Q1: How common are pit bull attacks? 

The incidence of Pitbull dog attacks varies by location. So, be aware of the scenarios and refrain from the areas where pit bulls growl. The American Veterinary Medical Association states pit bulls are less dangerous than other dog breeds.

Q2: What if a Pitbull attacks you? 

In the event you have been attacked by a pit bull, curl into a ball with your arms over your head. Seek medical attention for any bites. It is essential to remember that most dogs, including Pitbull, are not aggressive unless agitated.



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